Moon Valley Animal Hospital

13650 N. 19th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85029


Amy - Office Manager

 Amy has been with Moon Valley since 2003.  Her special strengths include customer service with a smile,  educating clients about their pets' health and making the best out of every appointment. 


Emily - Customer Service Representative

Emily will happily set up your appointments and take great care of your pet. 


Liaa -  Veterinary Technician

Liaa is an excellent surgical nurse. You can always be assured that your pet is receiving the best tender loving care from her. 

Reba - Veterinary Technician

Reba loves developing long-term relationships with owners and their pets. She takes excellent care of all her doggy and kitty patients.

Kylie - Veterinary Technician

Kylie's gentle nature relaxes her patients. Her special interest is in feline medicine and preventive healthcare.

Tynesha - Veterinary Technician

Tynesha is a smiling and helpful vet assistant. She enjoys bringing sick and injured animals back to health.

Nina - IT Support and Veterinary Technician 

Nina is our jack-of-all-trades. In addition to excellent pet care, she is especially talented at keeping our IT up and running.